The Greatrnk is 34,567,890 Seconds Old

Never awake me when you have good news to announce, because with good news nothing presses; but when you have bad news, arouse me immediately, for then there is not an instant to be lost – Napoleon

I am afraid I am in the (un)enviable situation of bearing both bad and good news. In the few times I have been (un)fortunate to be in the same situation, I have more often than not started with the bad, but not on a beautiful sunny day such as this. Today I start with the good.

 On a day like this one, exactly about a year ago, I mumbled a few words and came up with my first post that I called Introduction or Int-or-duction. What I am trying to say is that I am a year old in blogging! On that note, I will accept any form of gifts that you can give to a guy as I commemorate a year in blogging. Do not feel let down or be left behind, kindly send your gift via m-pesa to 0725 94 02 94 and you stand a chance to win NOTHING!!! If you are a stalker, that is cool of you, I do not mind you. But start by sending a text and soon you will learn how the stalker can become the stalkee.

I am made to understand that I am supposed to say thank you to the beautiful people who have stood by me through the bad and good times. Come on guys, The Greatrnk is celebrating one Year! This is a day about ME, not those who made me what I am! In any case, what is the part for the bad news for?

The last year was GREAT! The humbling moment of it all was winning a blog contest barely four months after I started blogging. People, do not be afraid and/or ashamed to clap for me! That was no mean feat, and so I advice all my haters, that they have nothing on me, and if they think they do, they should start a blog, compete in a competition and win. I will save them some competition by not competing.

In the course of the year, I successfully managed to inspire various people to start blogging. They know themselves. I normally look from a far at what they are upto and smile like a proud daddy (even though some of them are really hot and ……. So I guess I will change the phrase to “proud brother who is not related to them” so that I do not blow my chances of ……). Those spaces are full of innocent words, get your mind off the gutter (and bring it here)

Over the last month, I have held back emotions (focus people, I am a guy and the only emotions I know are of violence and anger) when people have used various means at their disposal to say nice things about my blog. I am sure some of you secretly told me my posts are bad, but at least you did not let me hear you say that, mainly because you were afraid of the repercussions i.e your face bashing itself against my clenched fist at a speed likely to beat light at its own game. Every positive comment over the last month about my blog has been like a stab which hurt and I will explain why in a short while.

 My journey in blogging started by me being inspired and learning from one of the best bloggers Kenya has ever produced. I spent a whole three months (before I penned down any post) reading every post he had ever written and what he was writing. I am not like nowaday kids who stumble upon a blog post and before finishing reading the post, they have one of their own. Then they will go ahead and write things like “AM” as the short form of “I am” and fill their posts with “lol” and some other bullcrap that makes my blood pressure rise higher than fuel prices. It is no secret then that the first person that is in the thank list is of course none other than the deserving Chiira who used to blog in four places but now he is only based at The Trot and the Run.

 I must thank everyone who was kind enough to do a guest post on my blog. Here is to these great bloggers Justalffie, Beenduta, Cdooh, Nkirdizzle, Young Joey, Deestinguished, Pre7amer, lon’s draft, livie_livia, savvykenya just to mention. On the same note, I would also like to thank The Princess Project for the lovely partnership we have.

 I wish to thank anyone who said something in the comments section, however good or bad. Your comments were appreciated so much. It is only fair if I mention Samkeige aka CMB aka Prezzo (not Ngechu, but Ngechu will definitely be impressed by this CMB’s swag) for posting the first ever comment. Though to this day, I still do not know what he was talking about in the comment. Savvykenya, Joe_kirigia, Beenduta, Chiira, Deestinguished, Edoan, Joliea, Lucy, Langi, lon draft, livie_livia, itsnowrc, Diasporadical, wakarima, Angelduh, antae, bmahasi, buggz, cdohnio, justalffie, littleginik, Sala, magizani, anyixbaby, nkirdizzle, shuhi, sk8rrboi, Edward, ivoryconfessions, mobkay, iro, ngina95, coloseum and many many more, I cannot thank you enough.

 A host of you have been silently reading, and are truly huge huge fans thank you so much. I must mention Kevmotz, Ndubiabenga, Simalo, Ratia_Tee, Missmwangi, antwarogue, msupastar, riqoz, annesalyve, amon, jules, Bonybambino, medicalquizez, aizoo22, lawrence mwangi, angelshekaza, swirrytwix, davemunyao, hascol, posh, polo, hov and many many more, I will remain indebted to you.

 Due to space, I could not mention everyone who has, for some reason contributed to the growth of this blog both positively and negatively. Due to my laziness, I was not able to put links to the above mentioned heroes, but I used their twitter handles (atleast those that are on twitter). Since today is Friday, you can go ahead and follow them .

 Having thanked everyone, I now come to the bad news. The reason why the last month has been hard for me is because all along, I have known what is to happen today. And no, I am neither talking about the end of the World, nor Itsnowrc’s birthday. The first person I told these news actually knelt down, weeping and begging me to reconsider my stand and that she would “do anything”. Stupid me, I should have ceased the opportunity and/to ask her to marry me (just to see her reaction). Instead, I chose not to tell anyone till today. Ladies and gentlemen who hate me and (mainly because of) my blog, I will reduce your suffering on Earth by officially retiring from blogging with immediate effect!

 There is no error in the sentence above. However, I will do guest posts for anyone who wants one, just hit me up at or greatrnk on twitter. I will also be happy to host anyone on my blog on any topic. On that note, my partnership with the princess project will still continue, meaning about every week, I will be posting a post from them as I have always done. I also have several guest posts that I will post, and I will ask anyone who feels philanthropic to do a testimonial guest post as a befitting goodbye to yours truly. From time to time, and when I am inspired, I will be writing something and asking anyone who would honour me to post it in their beautiful/awesome blog. Or maybe I should just be selling it to the highest bidder.

There is no right time or way to say goodbye, but according to me, the right time is when you are still on top of your game, however bad your game was. Ladies, who love me and (mainly because of my) blog and gentlemen, until I decide to do a Jay-Z or Michael Jordan/Schumacher or George Foreman i.e come out of retirement, here is my bow, wave and the curtain closes as you do your standing ovation.



The first date is normally bad. Usually the girl is sensitive about food while the guy is sensitive about money. Here is a situation where the guy uses money to buy the girl food.

Imagine watching your wedding video backwards. I am sure you will love the bit where u take off the ring and walk out of the ceremony with your friends….

If you watch Oprah in reverse, it is about a woman who takes stuff away from crying people and feels so guilty she loses weight over it. – Mingus Mkubukeli


Guest Post: If My Laptop Could Talk

By Savvy Kenya

{These are not my thoughts but Z’s. My laptop told me to write this and I did}

Hi, my name is Z. Pronounced Zee/Zi. I was bought in the summer of 2009 (I’m just saying summer to sound cool, there is no such season in Kenya). I am black, slim and sexy. Well, in comparison to other HP laptops, you see, I’m a HP 550.

I was called Z after two animation characters, the first one being Z the failed ex-expert surfer in Surf’s Up, and the second is Z the Ant from the animation Antz which featured J.Lo’s voice.

Savvy loves me very much. I am never a few meters away from her most of the time. I know how she hates to lend me to people, I don’t like it either. I know one time she let me be used by this person who picked their nose and continued typing like nothing happened! No, I didn’t tell Savvy about it but I was annoyed as hell.

So I know you are dying to ask me questions like has Savvy ever stored porn in your secret areas? Do I have any hidden folders?

Okay, let me be honest. I do have a few hidden folders, but they are system folders! And I’ve never stored any porn in my hard drives, except maybe that students clip, and I wouldn’t classify that as porn! The worst it has ever come to is Spartacus. I didn’t mind displaying that on my screen for all viewers!

I was bought with Windows XP but thank God Savvy never got into the Vista madness. I couldn’t handle Vista’s demands for RAM, I only have 1GB you see and an Intel Celeron processor. However, when Savvy acquired a pirated copy of Windows 7 last year, it was just perfect for me and I was happy to be formatted and currently no one can complain my performance.

I am embarrassed (not!) to say that none of my software is paid for. Paying for software is like paying for sex… just thinking out loud.

There was a time I had issues of blacking out. No, I don’t drink, or take drugs. It was battery issues. Fortunately, I was still under warranty so my battery was replaced.

There are many things I could tell you about Savvy, the number of posts/poems/documents/assignments/projects that she has done using me is amazing. Let’s not forget the pictures, music, videos, movies, series that she put in my hard drives. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and asked her to get an external hard drive. I was becoming a dummy, just storing everything and anything. Now most of what I have is important stuff.

My biggest fear is that Savvy will replace me with a sexy Mac laptop. I’m not worried that she spends a lot of time on that Ideos phone of hers, there are many things I can do better than that phone. However, a Mac is real competition. As much as I wish for Savvy to be wealthy, I’m worried I’ll be left to gather dust in a corner somewhere, with only her brothers using me for FIFA 08 whenever they are home for the weekend.


Appreciation: I am very grateful to Savvy Kenya for doing this post. It is more like Christiano Ronaldo agreeing to do a testimonial match for Mike Okoth at Nyayo Stadium. She is a great writer, has met Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame, is a Leopards fan and most of all, reads (and loves) most (if not all) my posts. Do check her (better than mine) work on her website and read her interview.

Definition: Birth Certificate (noun): The only certificate you receive after other people’s efforts.

Quote: Teacher: Construct a sentence using the word ‘shy’. Student: Balidi iripozidi, Mwarimu alikunywa shy moto na idathi – Jared Kidambi. 

Guest Post: My Baiby

By livie_livia

Me: Hello mom…mom. Nimeibiwa simu (loosely translated: I have been robbed of my phone)

Her: Eeh??

Me: Eeh! Sa hii tu… (Just now)

Her: Wapi huko? What were you doing? Are you ok?

Me: Uuum??….*I do a double take* yeah! I think so.

Here’s what happened. I was doing the usual, #thingsidointraffic tweeting & texting then POW!! This teja jacks my window and grabs my phone. WTF! It’s 7.30 AM. See I am not much of a screamer but I did make noise. I was as much of a phone addict as it gets. No way I’m going to let this riffraff guy just get away. Asii! So we fought! No, not mangumi na mateke type but a struggle no less. Tugging and pulling my precious phone. To him, it was his answer to his next fix; to me it was a gift I had grown to love. Financial cost considered but it’s the sentiments that are invaluable. In those moments I was in beast mode in his eyes I saw fear (such a weak emotion). I think the guy next to me thought I was going to fly out through the window because he pulled me back. I lost my grip and a bit of my sanity to boot. Next thing I know, I am half way out the window with several hands holding me back amid hush hush tones from other passengers. The teja was down but those close to him did nothing. (I hope he broke a tooth or two) The fuck?? Even the makanga in the mat I was in ran past some onlookers. Sadly the teja made away with my baiby {Nokia 5530}

I did the whole report crime to the police thing.

Police guy: Eih! Madam, kwani you have been quarreling with your lover in the morning?

Me: Hapana. Nimeibiwa simu

Police guy: (to me) Hii yako ilikua robbery with violence! Uende spitali ukaangaliwe mkono..(To another police guy) wee *Robert* andikisha madam statement na……

 And tried to renew my sim with safcom.

  So far nothing.

So I am mourning my loss till end week think that’s justified…no? The withdrawal symptoms are severe. Being mteja is going to take some getting used to.

For now I’ll be the girl who keeps her window closed when in a mat, I know that’s how the riffraff was able to jack my window so fast. It was slightly open for some fresh air  .@savvykenya I would keep that ideos always strapped when in a mat, window open et al.

I am grateful the riffraff was not armed (I am sure I would have lost some blood).

I am grateful I have still got my family, the Mr. and friends, and they are in good health.

To my baiby, my now deceased phone, what we had was good while it lasted.

  As a friend of mine pointed out “Shukuru haikua riziki. Umepoteza hiyo, utapata nyingine zaidi ya hiyo.”


Gratitude: Goes to livie_livia for doing this post. She blogs from

Quote: Some peoples MKZ (facebook) relationship status should be “In a relationship with ___ while sleeping with ___ and at the same time talking to ___” – Richard_keep

Guest Post: The Death of the True Love Song

By cdooh

A couple of months ago I had lunch with one of my best friends at the Prestige Plaza. I told her of my blog and how many post I had up and stuff. She was a bit impressed that I had kept it up for as long as I had, she’s had a blog more than 3 years ago but had only put up like 4 posts.

 After the lunch, while we were walking to her car, I asked her to do a guest post for me, she’s a writer/journalist and I really do love reading her stuff. She said that she couldn’t (she’s lazy) so I asked for ideas for a blog post and she said ‘Write about the death of the true love song’. At the time I didn’t understand what she meant, I’m a baby, but I went to school and all that changed.

My first semester’s over and me being what I like to call a looker, I saw-and did- a lot of stuff that you may read about on my blog some day. One thing I did see is that for sure the love song is dead. What do I mean by that?

 Well think about it. These days we have so few good love songs any more. The lyrics have become blunt and transparent. There’s no more subtlety, no more cool suaveness in the way love is talked about. Think about it what was ‘I want to hold me in you arms like a spanish guitar’ is now ‘You get me so excited, I’m hot, come on, I’m ready’,

‘I’ll be your cloud up in sky…I am your angel…No matter how far or near.’ becomes ‘I love it…ever time we touching…I’m put you to bed, bed, bed’ and ‘Once more you open the door and your here in my heart and my heart will go on and on’ now sounds like ‘I shouldn’t have let you hit that, now I can’t forget that…So good, so good…so oh shit damn’

 See what used to be subtle is now right there, out in open. Even the quality of the music has gone down. Songs now are quickly forgettable, like my mum loved tell me ‘These songs of your days just last one month and they’re gone’. She’s right while writing this I had to go back and listen to some more recent tracks I’ve taken snippets on. Okay it was the same for the older tracks but I found I could still remember most of the lyrics to those.

I haven’t even mentioned the worst part of it. For all purposes right now I here by declare mood music DEAD. You know what I mean, music that sets the mood, the mood that may just get you laid. These days, at least as far as I can tell, and I can tell quite far, mood music is ragga. Just put on bend over and PAP!!! mood set. I don’t really know why this saddens me, maybe because I’m a romantic or something, or that I’m just sensual. Bend over, and other songs like it (back it up-both versions, hot wauk etc), just lead to a rather rushed encounter or maybe its just me. Most people prefer these instant mood-makers and I have to admit there rather fun to dance to but please keep them outta the bedroom.

All this does not mean that there aren’t still some good love songs. Let me give you one or two of my favourites

when I see you- Fantasia

Most of Alicia Keys music particularly her album ‘Element of freedom’

These are just my thoughts, and I may not be the right one to be putting them across because generally I hate lovey dovey music (RnB, blues everything related) but I’ve given it quite a bit of thought. So if you have a contrary opinion, don’t be afraid, comment. Peace


Appreciation: Sid, otherwise (now) known as Cdooh for this post. He blogs here and here

Quote: Dear Scientists, quit looking for a cure of Cancer and look for a cure of PMSing. Regards, All Men. – Sickolia

The Princess Project: Thou Shall Fall In Love…

Written by Brenda Angwenyi 

My friends think I’m the happiest girl on earth (of course I am).  I go around smiling and giving off this bubbly feeling to everyone I meet.

‘It’s a beautiful day outside’ or ‘you’ll be fine’ and that cheery ‘Hello’ you get when I pick up the phone, I can make you believe it’s fantastic even when it may not be on your end.

Yes, I am the happiest girl on earth even when things are going absolutely blue on my side, something to do with what my mum used to say when all was not well for me, “Do not show the world you are on your knees even when you’re on your stomach.”

It is bright yellow all through even when the black skies are looming.

Then there are moments when I want to hide, want to crawl into some corner and just sit there and hope someone would hold me, would care as much as I want them to, someone who would make my heart skip just for a moment when I hear his name. On those days I might not lift my head as high as I always do or give you the bubbly ‘hello’ when you call me; it’s just a slump in my routine.

Yes, I am loved and I do have special someones in my life but not that special SOMEONE. You see love and I have never been really friends; he’s red and I’m black and when he attempts to give me a wardrobe makeover, I resist. We walk past each other with a mean stare and give each other hard times.

I’m the kind of person that has problems with the phrase, “falling in love” because falling for me means I’m not in control and I love to be in control. If it is falling then it has to be in my own speed and time and even land just right on the ground.

Every girl nowadays has this face of steel when she says ‘I cannot be broken by any guy.’ She also confesses of a heart of steel. Nowadays it’s hard for a girl to admit that a guy broke her heart because it means she’s weak. She won’t be the first to say ‘I love you’ either,  because that would mean she’s gullible.

So when I admitted to a friend that I was falling in love for some handsome gentleman, there was a look of triumph on her face. So finally I’m admitting to falling in love and letting my pettiness go.

It’s not wrong if you fall in love, after all what do you think all those couples who are together first experienced? They fell then they rose up and walked on together.

So don’t be afraid to fall, to lose control once in a while, to love madly and to hope that you will be loved back. There will be bad days but you can also choose to walk together through them and move on past the jerks that broke your heart.

And with that, see a recap of last week’s e- zine…

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Welcome to the Future (Internet & Gadgets) with Norman Osodo

Read and enjoy!

Remember, if you would like to guest post, all you have to do is write in to and pitch your idea. To submit your poetry or a short story, send it in to

Here’s wishing you a fabulous week full of great ideas and lots of success!

The Best of The Greatrnk

If modesty and candor are necessary to an author in his judgment of his own works, no less are they in his reader – Sarah Fielding

One day when I was busy doing nothing but basically minding my own business, someone ambushed me and was intent on making me tell her what inspires me to write, probably so that it could inspire her too. It is then that I decided to do The Worst of The Greatrnk, a post that looks at what went through my mind when I wrote the posts that did not make it. Today, I decided to go through what drugs were in my head when I wrote the posts that some of you came to love and/or hate.

The Harsh Reality Finally Sinks is a continuation of Kapenguria 6…..Sorry, I Mean Buru 7. I was meant to post part three of it but my good friend laziness took me on a trip to the country where he is king. This story is based on a true story, even though some elements are fictional. The two posts rank as number 10 and 6 respectively in the all time best of The Greatrnk.

I had seen bloggers write ‘Letters to their 13 year old them’ and (un)fortunately, no one tagged me in any. After reading several of these posts, I realised that most bloggers loved writing and reading when young. I, on the other hand, loved mathematics. I decided to do a post on what I loved at age 13: Mathematics, or as I called it, Math Hate Matics.

What is the probability that your 600th follower works in the same building as you and you have never known? OK, let me steer away from mathematics. When she asked me what inspires me to write, I at first did not have an answer. Then I decided to do this post that is boring you and of course The Worst of The Greatrnk.

When I won a blog contest, barely 4 months old in blogging (Memo to those who hate me: been there, done that, won awards and stuff. You cannot touch me!!!) I was so happy and did not even know the best way to express myself. When the competition started, I was doing badly, and I thought if only I will be among the top 5, then it would be a great achievement. Shock on me, I Won! Really!

So we are into the top 5 posts. One day, I was heading home in a mat. The lady who sat next to me had a sick child. To cut the long story short, half way through the journey, the kid somehow produced 5 litres of puke from I do not know where and made sure 98.76% of it was on me. I at least restrained my fist from making contact with the face of both the mom and the kid at a speed likely to rival the speed of light in a vacuum. Later, I thought about what we go through and what just makes us feel like cursing and SOL (Screaming Out Loud). I figured out there are a million things that make me feel like multiplying the dental formulaes of people by zero, so I decided to narrow Is She It to a relationship post.

I was blog whoring Chiira’s Blog when I saw (his sort of) review/recommendation of (I think) Kate Bomz‘s Blog. His final words in the post: “Just Maybe could turn out to be my weekly blog review. Am yet to decide that but keep watching for that.” 5 months after this proclamation, he had not started this review. Infact, he is yet to start to date. This got me thinking that I could start the same, but do it in form of a package that includes an interview of a blogger, a review of his/her blog, a guest post from him/her and finally, write a post in his/her style. Unfortunately, the furthest I ever went was my Interview of Savvy Kenya who (I now find out) was coincidentally the first person to comment on Chiira’s Just Maybe post. (Small world, this is).

A few hours after Deestinguished did this post, DR did this other one and, me being a good guy that I am, decided to speak out for the good guys out there. At first, when I saw DR’s post, I thought it was a counter to Deestinguished’s post, only to be ‘disappointed.’ For those who know Deestinguished, they know that the post was written two weeks to her birthday, and I have always wondered how many birthday gifts she missed from the good guys who read that post. My response was the much acclaimed Bad Is The New Good.

A few days to Valentines Day, I did one of my best post. We were trying to convince someone that he had to do ‘something’ for his ‘girlfriend’ or else he would lose her forever! (Just to mention that he did nothing, not even a text, and he has not lost her. Either there are still some good non-materialistic girls out there or there are some lucky bustards out there, me things!) The girls in the group gave their views of the perfect valentines package gifts (note the plural in the word gift and the word package!!!), and I noticed that there are things that guys take for granted that offend girls. I figured that there might be things that we hold dear (I did not use that word, did I?) that girls have no clue of. The result was this post. (not this one you are reading, but the one I am talking about.) After coming up with the draft, I asked Kevmotz, NdubiAbenga  and Jose to chip in. I am very grateful for their input. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present my favourite post, The Score Sheet.

The Score Sheet, for some reason, does not make it to number one. One day, I was in an M-pesa shop (trying to sell goats for those who are stupidly curious of what someone like me would be doing there), when I heard two guys talk like it was illegal to be intelligent (literary) about Actuarial Science. A few days later, when from lunch with a colleague, we talked about the profession and how challenging it is to qualify etc. I did some research (a little) and came up with 4 Facts of Actuarial Science. What I love most about this post are the comments. They always make my day.

There you have it, my best 10 posts. Let me know which is your best post in the comments section. 


Quote: Love thy neighbour all through the day… but first make sure her husband’s away!

The Princess Project: Special, Unique, Different – Am I?

Well, truth be told, though it is not much of a secret, there is something delicious about knowing that you are special, unique, different. And YET, the truth is that we are all quite the same in our own special, unique, different ways. An inescapable fact.

Anyway, so for the 100th time today, I had to tell someone that I am not learning Spanish because I am enamored of the spanish soap operas raging on Kenyan TV now. Truth be said – what’s this obsession with truth? – I hate soap operas, and I hate the spanish soap operas/telenovellas even more.

Why? Well, I am an unromantic, pessimistic and very lazy bitch. I don’t believe in happily ever afters. I don’t think there is just one precious ONE for me out there. And the idea that love is so much hard work, mostly tears, and moving to new cities to get rich so you can come back and show down your true love’s relatives so you can win him back… too much work.

But if you know me, then you also know that I am the kind of girl who’s been in love with the same guy half my life, and honestly the only reason I haven’t married him is because… well, beyond me right now. The excuse I am using now is that my back hurts too much for me to walk down the aisle. And I am way too proud to go to my wedding in a wheel chair. Right, let’s see how long he’ll believe that one.

So what do I like? TV shows with non-conformist, beyond eccentric, definitely insane, almost-villain, lead characters. Dr. House. Patrick Jane. Dr. Hunt. Jacob Wood. Sam Cooper. Commander McGarrett. The list will go on…

Why? I have no idea. Maybe its because as tough as these characters are potrayed to be, they are also created with vulnerabilities. Which is me turned inside out, no? I wish :) Or maybe I am just a hateful skeptical person who gets off on watching hateful skeptical persons make the world a better place. Really? That’s just confused even for me.

This need to be not-uniform, saw me wearing boy clothes when girls my age were playing dress up to look just like the Princess on that animated movie all the way from Disneyland. No, I never thought I was a boy. I actually like being a girl. But I wanted to tough, genius smart, super fit… and I worked for it. Somehow, I thought that to be those things, I’d have to be boyish. But that’s just because the world I lived in then potrayed boys and men as the only ones who could normally be tough and smart.

And then there’s the little thing about ‘girl clothes’ being horribly unsuited to certain activities that I love. Trust me, you don’t want to ride on a motorbike, or go rock climbing in a pretty frilly dress.

Now I live in a world where girls are scorned for being romantic, and so they shun the things they would have loved, watching dream romances, rags to riches stories in beautiful exotic lands. Smart tough girls watch soccer with the boys, go for top jobs, claim that they are tomboys and love books…

Now the world turned inside out.

You think I am rambling? Maybe.

My point is: I like Cop shows, hate soccer, love rugby, hate soap operas, love romantic comedies, wear worn out jeans and get scared at power suits, want to get married someday, want a small wedding (very), hate romance novels, love swamp murder mysteries, love ice cream, love yoga, hate aerobics…

It’s just who I am, I am not trying to fit into a certain bill, or not fit into one… I just am. And if you are absolutely opposite of me, there is nothing wrong with you. In fact. I think perhaps we could be really great friends.

That said, here’s a short recap of last week’s articles on the PP(K).

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Here’s wishing you a restful and happy weekend!