Guest Post: The Death of the True Love Song

By cdooh

A couple of months ago I had lunch with one of my best friends at the Prestige Plaza. I told her of my blog and how many post I had up and stuff. She was a bit impressed that I had kept it up for as long as I had, she’s had a blog more than 3 years ago but had only put up like 4 posts.

 After the lunch, while we were walking to her car, I asked her to do a guest post for me, she’s a writer/journalist and I really do love reading her stuff. She said that she couldn’t (she’s lazy) so I asked for ideas for a blog post and she said ‘Write about the death of the true love song’. At the time I didn’t understand what she meant, I’m a baby, but I went to school and all that changed.

My first semester’s over and me being what I like to call a looker, I saw-and did- a lot of stuff that you may read about on my blog some day. One thing I did see is that for sure the love song is dead. What do I mean by that?

 Well think about it. These days we have so few good love songs any more. The lyrics have become blunt and transparent. There’s no more subtlety, no more cool suaveness in the way love is talked about. Think about it what was ‘I want to hold me in you arms like a spanish guitar’ is now ‘You get me so excited, I’m hot, come on, I’m ready’,

‘I’ll be your cloud up in sky…I am your angel…No matter how far or near.’ becomes ‘I love it…ever time we touching…I’m put you to bed, bed, bed’ and ‘Once more you open the door and your here in my heart and my heart will go on and on’ now sounds like ‘I shouldn’t have let you hit that, now I can’t forget that…So good, so good…so oh shit damn’

 See what used to be subtle is now right there, out in open. Even the quality of the music has gone down. Songs now are quickly forgettable, like my mum loved tell me ‘These songs of your days just last one month and they’re gone’. She’s right while writing this I had to go back and listen to some more recent tracks I’ve taken snippets on. Okay it was the same for the older tracks but I found I could still remember most of the lyrics to those.

I haven’t even mentioned the worst part of it. For all purposes right now I here by declare mood music DEAD. You know what I mean, music that sets the mood, the mood that may just get you laid. These days, at least as far as I can tell, and I can tell quite far, mood music is ragga. Just put on bend over and PAP!!! mood set. I don’t really know why this saddens me, maybe because I’m a romantic or something, or that I’m just sensual. Bend over, and other songs like it (back it up-both versions, hot wauk etc), just lead to a rather rushed encounter or maybe its just me. Most people prefer these instant mood-makers and I have to admit there rather fun to dance to but please keep them outta the bedroom.

All this does not mean that there aren’t still some good love songs. Let me give you one or two of my favourites

when I see you- Fantasia

Most of Alicia Keys music particularly her album ‘Element of freedom’

These are just my thoughts, and I may not be the right one to be putting them across because generally I hate lovey dovey music (RnB, blues everything related) but I’ve given it quite a bit of thought. So if you have a contrary opinion, don’t be afraid, comment. Peace


Appreciation: Sid, otherwise (now) known as Cdooh for this post. He blogs here and here

Quote: Dear Scientists, quit looking for a cure of Cancer and look for a cure of PMSing. Regards, All Men. – Sickolia


3 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Death of the True Love Song

  1. i agree,alicia’s *element of freedom* is beautiful. i don’t get the whole bend.over. thing,it’s simply vulgar.i agree with you,good music is on a death bed,commercially speaking,i wonder why people rush to ‘love’ songs w/out listening to the lyrics. good music is still out there,it just takes more time to sift through all the commercialized junk to get to it.

  2. @Savvy hey!! Long time. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks this.
    @Livie That album was too dope!! I wrote this when I was in first year and things still haven’t changed much though ragga is on a slight decline. Unfortunately sifting through takes too long espeacially if it’s music you don’t listen to

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