It’s Been Real…

There comes a time when the readers are more important than the writer. – The Greatrnk

Once upon a time, long long ago when I was busy doing nothing and basically just minding my own business, my good friend Chiira asked me to check out his blog, The Trot and the Run. So I took like a minute and since I was using my phone, for some reason, it (the blog) did not get my attention. I should mention that at the time, there were like enough bloggers for me to count with my left hand and I had fewer followers on twitter than Ole Kiyapi has teeth. After a time, t, – in which it had passed my mind that the Chiira blogs – he again asked me to check out his blog and I spent the entire afternoon blog whoring on his blog. He is that good!


I spent the next three months learning from him by reading everything he was penning down. The problem with the Kenyan blogosphere now, unlike then, is there are people who stumble on a blog post and before they are done reading, they have their own blog, all signed up to wordpress or blogger and a lousy post in which they call themselves writers yet they have the audacity to use ‘am’ as a short form of ‘I am.’ As if that is not nauseating enough, it’s in the title and the post is full of grammatical mistakes and enough typos such that if the typos were votes, they would get Kamenchu elected as President in a landslide first round victory! Story for another day.


To circumcise the very long story, I started up The Greatrnk on My Opera and later, my mentor advised me to move to wordpress. Having blogged for a year, earned badges and honours, I called it quits. My mentor told me generals do not quit, they just take a break. Okay, have you ever listened to Kanye’s Big Brother? It is a song in which Kanye goes on and on about Jay, the guy who is legally married to and sleeps with Beyonce. To some point, the song almost makes Kanye look gay. I may be guilt of the same here. Anyways, true to my mentor’s words, I made a comeback from retirement like Jay, only that my comeback has not resulted in me getting a Beyonce for myself but I am working on it.


I am afraid, it is time for me to hang the boots again. I would like to thank everyone who took time to read, comment and share. You are all awesome people and I cannot thank you enough. Those who used their precious airtime to text me and tell me they loved my blog or a post, I am so grateful. The critics, I appreciate you too. You are just as important. The bloggers who provided guest posts for my blog, I cannot thank you enough. Basically, anyone who has taken their time for this blog, whether it is reading, commenting, sharing, hating etc, I salute you. I cannot mention all of you because you are too many and mainly because I risk forgetting one or two.


PARTING SHOT: Is someone at Ghafla writing about my retirement. I sure hope there is. Okay, I kid! There comes a time when the readers are more important than the writer. Obviously, this quote stolen from the late George, ahem, Saitoti has nothing to do with what I am about to say next. I have hung the boots on greatrnk.wordpress but do check me out on The website is still raw, but it is up. A lot is yet to be done, that is just the sketch and you will see many changes as time goes by. Also, everything that is here is also there, except this post. The welcome post is what I never did here. A poem!




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