I won? Really?

I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks – William Shakespeare

Who am I kidding, of course I won. OK, help me check again here! I would like to say a big thank you to each and everyone of you who voted for me in the Kenya Blog Contest. I could never thank you enough. Sorry, I am not sharing the prize with anyone, hehe. For those who did not vote for me, I do not respect your DR (Democratic Right) to vote for the blog of your choice. Thanks for voting, you made the victory even sweeter. Imagine if I had won with 542/542 votes! Heck, I would not even be happy! I appreciate you all the same, like seriously. I would also like to thank egichomo for organising the contest at Self Definition.

Congratulations to RaymondChepkwony and The Fashion Notebook and me too! for winning in their respective categories.

Big up to all the contestants. You too are all winners.

Again, thank you for your votes, comments, criticism and hate. I need all these to be better!


Top 10 Blogs as Voted by You:

1. The Greatrnk

2. RaymondChepkwony

3. Wamathai

4. MgangaGenge

5. DiaspoRadical

6. The Diary of a Kenyan Campus Girl

7. The Fashion Notebook

8. The Lily Review

9. Private Thoughts of a Young Kenyan

10. Diary

A wife went to buy a parrot. She saw one which was very cheap and asked why. She was told the parrot used to live in a brothel and so it speaks vulgar words. She decided to buy it anyway. when she got home the parrot said, “New house, new madam!”  she said that was not so bad. Her daughter came from school and the parrot said, “New madam, new house and new girls!” They heard that but said it was not bad. Her husband Alex came in from work and the parrot said, “Hallo Alex!”

Quote: I can’t believe this – I found out today that both my girlfriends are cheating on me.


11 thoughts on “I won? Really?

  1. Congrats again. I wonder why I missed out in this roll lakini ukweli ni kwamba(can you read swa) yours is off the hook…infact all the guys on the blogroll of honor. Big ups

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