Guest Post: My Baiby

By livie_livia

Me: Hello mom…mom. Nimeibiwa simu (loosely translated: I have been robbed of my phone)

Her: Eeh??

Me: Eeh! Sa hii tu… (Just now)

Her: Wapi huko? What were you doing? Are you ok?

Me: Uuum??….*I do a double take* yeah! I think so.

Here’s what happened. I was doing the usual, #thingsidointraffic tweeting & texting then POW!! This teja jacks my window and grabs my phone. WTF! It’s 7.30 AM. See I am not much of a screamer but I did make noise. I was as much of a phone addict as it gets. No way I’m going to let this riffraff guy just get away. Asii! So we fought! No, not mangumi na mateke type but a struggle no less. Tugging and pulling my precious phone. To him, it was his answer to his next fix; to me it was a gift I had grown to love. Financial cost considered but it’s the sentiments that are invaluable. In those moments I was in beast mode in his eyes I saw fear (such a weak emotion). I think the guy next to me thought I was going to fly out through the window because he pulled me back. I lost my grip and a bit of my sanity to boot. Next thing I know, I am half way out the window with several hands holding me back amid hush hush tones from other passengers. The teja was down but those close to him did nothing. (I hope he broke a tooth or two) The fuck?? Even the makanga in the mat I was in ran past some onlookers. Sadly the teja made away with my baiby {Nokia 5530}

I did the whole report crime to the police thing.

Police guy: Eih! Madam, kwani you have been quarreling with your lover in the morning?

Me: Hapana. Nimeibiwa simu

Police guy: (to me) Hii yako ilikua robbery with violence! Uende spitali ukaangaliwe mkono..(To another police guy) wee *Robert* andikisha madam statement na……

 And tried to renew my sim with safcom.

  So far nothing.

So I am mourning my loss till end week think that’s justified…no? The withdrawal symptoms are severe. Being mteja is going to take some getting used to.

For now I’ll be the girl who keeps her window closed when in a mat, I know that’s how the riffraff was able to jack my window so fast. It was slightly open for some fresh air  .@savvykenya I would keep that ideos always strapped when in a mat, window open et al.

I am grateful the riffraff was not armed (I am sure I would have lost some blood).

I am grateful I have still got my family, the Mr. and friends, and they are in good health.

To my baiby, my now deceased phone, what we had was good while it lasted.

  As a friend of mine pointed out “Shukuru haikua riziki. Umepoteza hiyo, utapata nyingine zaidi ya hiyo.”


Gratitude: Goes to livie_livia for doing this post. She blogs from

Quote: Some peoples MKZ (facebook) relationship status should be “In a relationship with ___ while sleeping with ___ and at the same time talking to ___” – Richard_keep


6 thoughts on “Guest Post: My Baiby

  1. Someone almost took my phone last year, luckily I had held onto it very tight!

    Nowadays, I don’t open the window unless the matatu is moving at the speed of light! I also try to minimize my surfing in traffic… I’m always on the lookout for the next snatcher!

    Pole, hope you get a new one soon. And your line replaced ASAP. Thanks for the advice!

  2. Sorry for your loss.

    Someone in a mat I was in has had his phone snatched sometime back. Those guys are really good. I have always said that if I caught any of them, I would break their arm.

  3. @savvykenya i tried holding tightly,didn’t work,i’ll try going for karate classes just in case.
    @kbaab am done with browsing in javs
    @greatrnk i hope he broke something while running.

  4. Wow sorry about your phone. May you get an even better one. Though I don’t wish such luck on those thugs!

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