Int or Duction

You may admire a girl’s curves on the first introduction, but the second meeting shows up new angles – Mae West

My first post. yeeeeeeeeeeeh! When my crazy good friend chiira asked me to check out his blog, The Trot and the run, it was in the initial stages and I did not know what the hell he was disturbing me for to make of it. Several months later, my eyes fell in love with and liked what they saw on The Trot and the Run and I could not believe I had not seen the potential of this guy when I interacted with him (mainly because we only talked about his drinking and smoking sprees at campus and how chelsea/manchester united would win the league.) I immediately thought it a wise idea to copy his idea and start writing a blog. You will notice that I have heavily borrowed his style, even though He is miles ahead plus more experienced than me and I consider him as my mentor/role model someone I will learn from for me to be a pro like him. After all, Ciara just copied her style from Aaliya, Jaheim copied his from Lurther Vandross. The two are doing well while the people they copied their styles from are rotting in hell dead. Is it not to say I will do better since the guy that inspired me to do this isht is still alive?

I have always had a thing for writing and talking until my brightest brain cells were assassinated in campus by Bowers, Broverman and F. W. Scott.* If you ask my friends what they think of me, majority who do not know me well will tell you he is a quiet person. The other few who know me will look at the others in horror, almost as if some blasphemous words have been uttered and ask which greatrnk they are referring to. “This annoying little prick quiet looking hot cool guy is not as quiet as you think!” They will promptly say. I have always had something to say but no forum to say it. I think I just found me a forum.

In this forum, I will write about anything that I want whether you like it or not, that is least of my problems. However, most of my posts will be on investment, football, soap opera updates…..(not), my take on various issues, reviews (my reviews) on books, albums, movies etc, poems (especially from one __lons draft__), interesting writings I have come across and spiritual matters too. At the end of every post will be stupid things I have thought or heard during the week. After going through several posts, you will come to learn a few basic rules e.g do not read the crossed words especially if you are under-age or your name appears in a radius of about 100 characters from the crossed words. Make a point of always reading the crossed words. There is more truth in them than the entire post. I will also include a hero friend who has influenced my current lifetime. That means if you influenced my previous lifetime, you do not qualify.

Enough of the int or duction introduction, I am tired of typing anyway.

Quote: Success is directly proportional to the number of haterz one currently has.

Big Tune: Brook Hogan – Love you, hate you.

Hero/Zero: cmb prezzo – Not Ngechu but close as anyone can get. The cmb stood for lots of things depending on how you disliked him: Chapo Mbili Beans, Cash Money BrotherB***hes etc. Back in campus, he had any electrical appliance imaginable. the refrigerator was under his bed for those of you who never saw it. Generally a great guy with more haterz than he knows, most of whom do not even know him well. Did me a great favour once, I will remain indebted.

*Authors of very tough actuarial books.


8 thoughts on “Int or Duction

  1. Those are memorabilia that ought to live beyond generations,ope the grand grand of ours will inherit the theme you’re creating, the greatrnk, well I might not want to describe much but surely I knew ma haterz and loved them and I still do love em’. For success to be born you need people who are demotivating you, the cause of that makes you work hard.Thanks Sane George.

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