The Greatrnk Appraisal

Evaluate what you want – because what gets measured, gets produced – James Belasco


One day I was busy doing nothing and basically minding my own business when out of nowhere I realised I had not posted on my blog for a while. After a few minutes of thinking, I would like you to know that I did not come up with a post. It is then that I remembered our company appraisals done towards the end of last year where someone politely said I pissed them off (not exactly in those words, but that is what they meant). Unfortunately, I do not know who it is, so I still suspect everyone and I have made a point of pissing everyone at will since I have to retain the trophy of being the most annoying guy in the office when appraisals are done again.

 To matters at hand, I would like you to help me in doing an appraisal for my blog. Simply, I will nominate posts that I think are nice and you are to vote for the best post. I have divided the posts in terms of the best post, the best guest post and the best post I have done in other blogs. Here are the nominees.


Best Posts:

4 Facts about Actuarial Science

The Six Women to Avoid

How To Get A Girl/Guy

Let Me Live Concert

The Score Sheet

Just a Few Rules for Guys and Girls

Is She It?

The Greatrnk is 34,567,890 Seconds Old

East Side Vs West Side

Interview: Savvy Kenya


Best Guest Posts:

If My Laptop Could Talk by SavvyKenya

Capital Asset Pricing Model and Its Application to Investment Risk Management by Sam Kiranga

Arsenal Anonymous by Justalffie

Special, Unique, Different – Am I? by the Princess Project

Summer Bunnies Drive Me Crazy by nkirdizzle

What A Dating Site Won’t Do For You by Tonya Vrba

It is Not Easy Being a Senior Bachelor by Deestinguished

Why You Should Go Slow On What You are Smoking by Beenduta

Time To Face Some Harsh Truths by mobkay


Best Posts I Have Done In Other Blogs:

The Greatrnk (21 Questions)

Top On Santa’s Naughty List


Why 2100 Will not be a Leap Year

Review: Twitter App LMAO

An Open Letter to Telkom Kenya Chief Executive

Help Needed

Nice Guys verses Bad Guys

Phone Etiquette

Days of A Thief





Is your girl acting all grumpy and giving you the cold shoulder? Tell her to go away until she learns how to communicate like an adult. – Anonymous

Pain is weakness leaving the body? Go tell that to a person with a terminal disease. Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. – Anonymous.

PS: For some reason, if you click on hte posts, it will direct you to the particular post in question.



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