Guest Post: Summer Bunnies Drive Me Crazy

One day when I was busy doing nothing, I was tagged to this post. That was my first encounter with fellow taggee, nkirdizzle. I checked her work at Revealed, and I loved what she has, as I am sure you will if you do the same. I would like to thank her for this wonderful guest post, sit tight and enjoy!


I have been asked this question several times, what is a summer bunny?

A summer bunny is a Kenyan who is visiting from overseas. They usually come back mostly around November to February, or in June, or whenever they feel like it.

Summer bunnies are very dangerous, in fact you should stay away from them.

But then again, they are extremely cool cats. They come back home with all kinds of fancy things that you can souv yourself like lipgloss, that pretty top, the nice jacket he he he, not to mention new accents for some of the superficial bunnies.

There is also the fact that most of them come back acting and looking like the epitome of cool. Getting involved with them would seem very lucrative since they are only here for a certain period of time, and they are the perfect contenders for a summer fling.

Or so I thought….

Last year a friend of mine came back for the Christmas holidays. We were not that close and I had no idea he was back. Anyway so we bumped into each other and started talking again since we already had each other’s digits.

At first it was just platonic but then me the idiotic girl that I am caught feelings.

Did I mention that he came back looking all ripped after shedding a significant amount of pounds? And he knew just the right shirts to wear that would hug his biceps perfectly.

By the way, why do buff men feel shy to show off their muscles?? I ask my close friends that question all the time because they are so ripped and they never show it off!

He also has that whole LL Cool J thing going on, he would always subconsciously lick his lips slowly in a very provocative way. It used to drive me crazy and made me wish I could lick them for him (o.O)

Anyway so like I said previously before I digressed, we were just friends and out of my own volition, I fell for him, hard.

We used to talk every day, about anything and everything. We had mutual friends so we always did stuff together. We worked in the same industry so we got to compare whose job is worse than the other.

I wish I put a stop to the madness before it progressed so far. Nothing good comes off summer flings if you introduce emotions into the mix.

Not to mention that I am against long distance relationships, those things never work, the horror stories trump the success stories. I am more for the option to part ways on a good note, and then see what happens once distance is no longer a barrier.

To cut the long story short, nothing ever materialised between us, he went back to wherever he came from and that story pretty much died. The feelings evaporated, and I moved on, fell and got over other losers.

Then thanks to some social networks and their dumb top news I discovered he is now with someone else and the feelings came rushing back! The green eyed monster reared its ugly head and the promise of good things to come in future vanished.

I am one of those people who still lights a torch for people whom I could have been with, but circumstances came in the way so nothing happened but we still are sort of friends, and there is still a window of opportunity.

Well I considered him to be in that category, especially since I have never got him out of my system.

Thanks to that idiotic network again, I have discovered he is summer bunnying again this year. He must have landed by now. This piece of information has sent my mind reeling. I cannot get my hopes up because he is now with someone else. I am afraid to see him because I have no idea what emotions that will elicit. I want to see him to see how it will affect him. I still have the slightest glimmers of hope….. uurrgghh.

Instead of cutting the story short, I am just extending it smh.

Summer bunnies will drive you crazy, R-Kelly was not lying when he was belting that tune out!



Quote: I haven’t been to work in two weeks. I’ve almost forgotten how to play solitaire and minesweeper – Annonymous






10 thoughts on “Guest Post: Summer Bunnies Drive Me Crazy

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  2. Summer Bunnis my also include those looking fly who come in seeking financial help for a time, only for them to disappear to oblivion when you help them. …..I think!

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  5. Thanks @Greatrnk for reminding me about this situation 🙂
    I should mention the fact that I went through this whole cycle, with the same dude in January this year, again *face palm* clearly I never learn ha! Hopefully next time he comes around I will be smart enough to steer clear of him 🙂

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