Guest Post: Why You Should Go Slow On What You Are Smoking

The fight against drug abuse in our country has been going on for a number of years as many youths were suffering due to the side effects of the problem. Most of the people know about drugs and their effects and they have seen this from the various types of scenarios that have taken place. While some of them are sad and sorry, some of them are hilarious. Sample these:


Scenario one

A student in one of the high schools had taken a little too much of the “international herb” and since it was a major offence that called for severe punishment, it was done in secret. This practice went on for a while until the teachers grew suspicious. In one of the rounds, a teacher discovered a group of boys who were hiding behind the toilets and passing around a roll. When they saw him, they took to their heels and the teacher followed them. The said student ran for a while and felt tired, the next thing he did left the teacher wide-mouthed. He ‘hid’ behind a single strand of Napier grass, and even looked at the teacher and shushed him;

sssshhhh, I am hiding!”


Scenario Two

This happened in Campus, a group of guys were sitting in one room discussing about a football match that took place a few hours ago. As the discussion on who played well and what could have been done to improve the game was going on, a roll, or two or three of bang moved from one hand to the other. The chatting went on until it was interrupted by a loud bout of laughter from one of the group members.

Ni nini wewe?” they asked

The laughing one pointed at another member of the group (lets call him Kama). Kama’s hands were lifted and he had the most serious looks on his face. When people shook him out of his stupor, he came around but refused to bring down his hands, as he shouted at his colleagues:

How can you not help me?” he asked

Help you in what?”

Holding up the roof before it falls on us!!! Can’t you see, the roof is caving in!” he responded.

They all looked at him, and looked at the roof and burst out laughing. Why: The roof was never caving in, in the first place!


Scenario Three:

This happened in one of the public Campuses where the herb is available in plenty; (how? I have no idea). This guy was hungry and because the semester ilikuwa imepiga corner, he could only afford to Sukuma wiki for another day. Since he was a non resident he could cook on his own. He went bought the sukuma wiki and headed to his house. The hunger pangs were too much for him and he was forced to do something no one has ever heard of. He boiled the water, kama kawaida and started cooking ugali, when it was lumpy enough he took the sukuma wiki and mixed it in the mixture. What a perfect way to save time and still enjoy a meal you wanted, huh!



This post was written by beenduta who is an upcoming writer. She has posts at Wamathai, Storymoja, The Alternative Focus etc. She blogs at Bee Illustrated. Massive thanks to her.

Quote: Let there be sex at the end of the tunnel! I don’t care about the light – Author Unknown




13 thoughts on “Guest Post: Why You Should Go Slow On What You Are Smoking

  1. Hehe! There’s a guy while walking with his pals started stomping the ground and when asked he said he’d forgotten to zima the roll a distance back.

    • A friend of mine once saw the complete Prison Break Season 3 in his head in a span of two hours. Season 2 had not come out yet. Of course, later when season 3 came out, it was different from what he had seen a year earlier.

  2. very very hilarious! Thats th thing, that as the youth get engulfed in this drug menace, they hardly realise the massive ill effects its got on them, till its too late. I know quite a number of pple who have gone nuts over extreme indulgence of kush while i know of the ones who live quite well with little intakes, guess its all about the intake …. And your conscience. Good guest post.

    • I guess you are right. It is all about the intake. My first desk mate in high school and my first room mate in campus had to go through rehab. I have seen what drugs can do, those who can avoid are best advised to do so. Those who cannot, should take them in moderation. I prefer not taking them at all.

      I will give the compliments to the writer. 🙂

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