Is it Because I am Weird?

I never set out to be weird. It was always other people who called me weird – Frank Zappa

One day I was busy doing nothing and basically minding my own business as I set my computer to shut down in 321 minutes. Unknown to me, a colleague of mine was also busy minding my business and watching me type “sudo shutdown -h 321” in the terminal. (consult Google if you do not understand, or ask me in person). “Why 321 minutes?” He asked. Of course I did not have an answer but his face had one. “YOU ARE WEIRD!” Luckily for him, he did not tell it to my face like most people do. I have heard those words more times than Einstein was told he was a genius. Make no mistake, I do not really mind being called weird. It is better than being called boring, which I am but the weirdness masks the boring part. Savvy, ey?

 So what’s with 321? To most people, it is just a number. To me, I see it as 3-2-1 which is cool. Someone once did a guest post for one of the blogs I run and named it 345 as in 3-4-5 and boy was I impressed. Whenever I am in social sites, a number is just not a number. I have to make it beautiful. Remember my retirement post? The Greatrnk is now 34,567,890 Seconds Old is what I called it. The number was not random, and you can be sure calculations were done. I love numbers that follow each other, either in ascending or descending order.

 I am not orderly but I love things in a certain manner. I want my pen with the lid on it. I prefer black pens. The lid should not be eaten. I hate people who write in Bibles or text books or who put pens or other things that can damage books in the books then proceed to close them. I hate people who fold books the other way. In the course of my studies right till campus, I preferred squared books for notes. While everyone was busy multitasking between fighting sleep and writing the notes the teacher was dictating, I was making sure three letters fit in one box and/or using one box as space. The main heading had to be in red, in upper case and underlined. The heading after had to be in upper case, in red and not underlined. Then the next one in red, in lower case and underlined with the major words starting in upper case etcetra. I hate people who write everything in upper case.

So what if I am weird? We are okay with gays but not with weird people? I lose friends the same way Harambee Stars losses matches, only a lot more frequently. I am annoying. My presence make people get allergic reactions. I have not seen pests and rodents. Apparently, I scare them away. I am weird, but that is what makes me what I am. And in the words of someone, everything I’m not, makes me everything I am. So just because I hate upper case, should I make manionfire an enemy of the state when I become president for tweeting in upper case? Just because I hate people who put pens in their own books, does it mean that I should not lend them my books just because I am afraid they will do the same and it will infuriate me to the point of my fists almost making contact with their little precious noses before I smile like nothing just happened? Of course not.

 The human race is all about judging others. He is a Muslim, I am Christian. He is Catholic, I am Protestant. He is Anglican or Lutheran, I am from the Free Church. He is Methodist, I am Baptist. He is East Baptist, I am West Baptist so that makes him bad and I am good. I hate tea, he takes tea so he is evil. We judge everything. They are gay or straight or white or black or Asian or superblack or annoying or ugly or fat or anorexic or stupid or geeks or funny or boring or human or alive.

I guess, I am judging too, and that is what makes us who we are.


I have a 12:34 representational time dance. I do it at 3:33 every other Tuesday (twice a day). If you’d like to participate in my choreographed dance routine, bring a football helmet and a half empty can of tuna (keeps the stray cats away, because I perform in a gritty, grimy downtown alley). – Jarod Kintz

 If we could somehow channel the sensitive feelings of fat people into an energy source, we could power every McDonald’s in the world.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting tomorrow, I will host posts from bloggers of all kinds writing on different topics. The bloggers are diverse, some have made it already and others are up and coming. If you want your post to be among them, kindly tweet me at @greatrnk or drop me an email at I will be honoured to have a guest post from you on any topic. Moreover, you need not be a blogger or a writer. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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