Tangaza Mwangaza by Mwanga Band

Tangaza Mwangaza- Poster

Tangaza Mwangaza (Announce the Light) is the first Mwanga Band concert. Mwanga Band has been called to be the light to this generation through annointed and professional music, prayer, the word of God and also as fearless and fierce influencers. This concert which will be on Dec 1 at Parklands Baptist from 4pm-7pm and will focus on the issue of youth and HIV/AIDS with the main message being abstinence. Come and listen as they launch their music to the world.

Details are in the poster, but here they are again:

MAIN BAND: Mwanga Band

FEATURING ARTISTS/ BANDS: Adawnage, Christine Ndela, Kaberia, Zidi the Band

DATE: 1 December 2012

TIME: From 4PM

VENUE: Parklands Baptist Church


For more details, like the mwanga band page on facebook, follow them on twitter and RSVP the event on facebook.