Things I Have Done During the Denial Stage of A Break Up

by ArumtheChamp


Denial is one of the most interesting stages of a break-up that involves lots of drama. If you are a normal human being like me, the confusion and uncertainty that is characteristic of this stage has boggled your mind and made you do some irrational things. Today, I present some of my experiences for your entertainment. So, what did I do during the denial stage? 

  1. Tried to kiss and make up hoping that things get back to normal. In relationships we have conflict solving sequences that we normally go through. It normally ends with the kiss and make up passionately. Well, when in denial some random wishful thinking crosses your mind and you try to pull off this kiss thingy…. It does not work! If you want to look like a fool please do it! 

  2. The ‘Maybe we are just playing out the same story of this romantic movie’ consolation. Movie scripts are altered to create ideal situations where there is a happy miracle ending. Well, life is different. Why do some movies start to appear when you are breakig up though? When you have broken up, avoid love movies, they will make you try stuff like declaring your everlasting love whilst on one knee, which will consequently give a girl a heart attack. 

  3. Calling more. We sometimes have this fallacy that maybe we should start calling more than usual showing that ‘I really care’ ofcourse at this time she is ignoring your call…. But you are an ambitious cat…. You got really lonely and called at 2 A.M……. Can’t believe I did that one. The consolation I had was ‘maybe she is playing hard to get’. Looking back, I can bet she was either telling her gay friend or sisters that some loser was pursuing her ruthlessly, and his desperation was a major turn off…. bleugh. 

  4. Texts. In addition to erratic phone calls, you start sending romantic texts because you are afraid that some other dude may have stepped up and is taking over your territory…… I once went out of character and sent a text saying ‘Baby I miss you so so so sos so so muuuchos’ ti hi hi hi. Man, i bitch slap myself every-time I remember this. 

  5. Social Media. You get on facebook and post her favourite song or put random love quotes especially when you notice that she is online. When she puts up a depressed status update (probably because of you) you either comment sympathetically or text her ‘Baby I love you so so so so muchos.’ 

  6. Tell your friends that you took ‘a break’. Btw, if the break ‘just to see if things will work out’ was her idea then that thing is as good as over. You are on the way to the evil friendzone and you cant get out of there. But just tell your friends that you are under control of the situation, they should never know that you are scared like a little girl who needs constant boo boo hugs due to your bruised ego….. Lmao you emotional wreck! 

  7. The ‘she will never find another like me’ consolation. We guys like to think that we are rare and unredictable. Well, most guys are predictable and your girl can predict your every movement just as a puppet master can control his puppet. Guys who say this are just the same because every guy says this. And yes, I said this one too. 

  8. In an utter form of desperation try to convince her to come back to you while making a fool of yourself in the process. If you want a girl to hate you and be disgusted forever just get down on your knees and beg her to come back to you with visible tears in your eyes. This only works for married people……. Luckily I never did this one, but I did consider it. As guys we really are emotionally inferior to women though. it took me a long time to figure out that doing nothing might actually do more to alter the power games to your favour….. keep your head and move on with your life guys. 

  9. Try to get close with her friends to either make her jealous or to try and find out what she is thinking. We all know that girls confide in their friends alot. They talk much, thats why when they break up, its painful they invest more in their relationships than we guys do. So anyway, if you are like me, you tried to take this to your advantage and started inboxing or texting her close friends. It may only work for the short term, but after a while you are back to square one…. 

  10. Buying a random gift. This beats logic. We somehow think that a material gift may solve any of our problems. I actually know someone who wanted to borrow money to buy a gold chain……and yes, I bought chocolates which I ended up eating on my way back home with anger. But then chocolate is a good break up drug. I see why girls eat loads of it. it works.


So guys, break ups are probably the best things that can happen to you if you decide to learn from them…. and yes ladies, I have recovered from heartbreak.. so call me maybe?


About the Author: Arum The Champ is a blogger who writes mostly about how people (should) behave on twitter. You can find his hilarious writing at The Rare Champ


4 thoughts on “Things I Have Done During the Denial Stage of A Break Up

  1. I really laughed as I read through. I liked the ‘bitch slapped myself when I remember this’ part. I went through that some time and it is crazy!

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