Pobody’s Nerfect!

By JustAlffie


This is a play of words that the more perceptive of you already know points to “Nobody’s Perfect” only with greater emphasis. I’ll try make this as short and as straight to the point as I possibly can.

 We are definitely in a social media run time and it’s becoming the primary platform for/of sharing info and opinions on everything and anything. It’s no surprise that the artists of any kind use it to “connect” with their fans, followers and sycophants for that matter.

 On this post, I’d like to address especially the musical artists & their social media conduct, more specifically, twitter since that’s where I reside.

 I earlier mentioned that social media is used by artists to connect and I put that word in parenthesis because quite frankly, some of their -the artists – conduct end up disconnecting from rather than connecting to/with their fans. I’ll mention one in particular that bothers me.

 I find this really annoying. That song you did, there’s no way in hell that EVERYBODY loved it. The fact that you only Retweet the tweets that tend to compliment you and ignore those that don’t, just says you are detached from reality. Truth is, the fact that some don’t like it, doesn’t necessarily mean they “hate” you or are “haters”.

 Here’s a life lesson (for everyone):

 Friends (fans in this case) help sustain you but it’s the critics that actually improve you! Alffie

 I’ve been told time and again that I’m a critic and this quote always thrown at me: 

Pay no attention to what the critics say; no statue has ever been erected to a critic.” Jean Sibelius

 I find this quote to be one that portrays a person who plays victim. Another thing, if having a statue in your honour is the motivation for not being a “critic” then I guess there are so many vain people in the world lying their way into people’s good “people to erect a statue of/to” book!

 A wise man once said that the art of keen and accurate observation is often mistaken for criticism and in the present day, it’s even mistaken for “hating”. Only the wise take these as lessons and seek to improve.

 Dear artist:


  1. Get over yourself. You are not perfect. Not everything you release will be that good.

  2. Not everyone who says they don’t like your new music hates you. Chances are they just expect MUCH more and MUCH better from you. Granted, there are just those that just hate but some have genuine and valid opinions. Listen, respond. You’ll be better for it.

  3. Learn to respond to critics. Something like, “I’ll look into that and thanks for listening. Listen to more of my music and let me know your thoughts” etc, will gain you a loyal fan that will eventually improve you. Sycophants do nothing for you other than give you a false sense of security and accomplishment which consequently destroys you. You should however be wise in picking who to respond to because some just want a pointless fight/beef/tweef.

  4. Your fans may not be schooled in all the music tricks, keys and the like but it’s for them that you do your music and as such have a say as to how good (or not) you sound, so respect their opinions. Believe it or not, you need the fans, they don’t need you!

NOTE: These points, in one form or another, applies to everyone in the social media world. Pick your piece and work on it.

 Nobody’s Perfect! You are not Nobody so guess what? You are not perfect either! But remember,

Though you are not perfect, you must always seek to be perfected!

 This is just one of those you, the artist, needs to work on.

There are many other issues to address on social media conduct for artists, something their managers should know and inform artists on because they play a big a role in building their brand.

 “Pobody’s Nerfect” is a phrase I got from DMAUB, an artist that many don’t know or even heard of and that I’m not even going to try and introduce you to. All you need to know is that this is not my phrase and integrity calls on me to cite the owner.


About the Author: Alffie is a blogger and a poet who was born after his time before his time. In his mind is faith, friends and family. He loves arts, music and football. Read more of his impressive work here http://onalfred.blogspot.com/


4 thoughts on “Pobody’s Nerfect!

  1. Incitive post, but in as much as i agree with some of the salient points raised you should also know that the use of social-media (esp. Twitter) by artist is not to promote record/album sales ALONE. It goes beyond sheer imagination and this medium is only seen as a working tool. Again, i understand the angle you looked at it from but truth is some of these artist dont care if you like their songs or not as long as they are getting other endorsement deal..tushe!

    • Agreed. I find your argument (I mean that not in the confrontational sense) supporting this post in this – since it’s not just about promoting record/album sales as you put it, they should consider engaging their followers in more than just their music. That’s where I’m seeing this from. As for not caring if people like their songs, I get that too. One of the artists that really don’t care, for me has to be Eminem. He has millions of followers and does not follow anyone. But that’s his image, and we like him as such. I don’t expect the same from some local artist who for their dear life won’t EVER get close to winning a Grammy. They still need the support and dare I say, the love!

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