Dating Advice for People who Think they Don’t Need it

By Vic

So we all know someone who doesn’t think they need advice, but guess what, even superstars and billionaires have their own insecurities and so does the person I will be writing about. This following letter addresses the person who I think would blow up any advice given as his confidence and strength clouds simply everything.

Dear Superman,

You are so confident, charming and oh so damn sexy! You have a mysteriousness about yourself that keeps women thinking about you. You are strong and so powerful that you make women feel safe and secure.

With all of that said, you would think you would have no problem dating. But, women love closeness and intimacy. They also appreciate openness and honesty. However, you find it hard to be close with anyone. Perhaps this is due to your being abandoned by your parents. Heal your heart in this area, forgive and learn how to be close to others. Expand your social skills and learn to be comfortable in your own skin. This will help you when you are dating.

I know you find it hard to reveal who you really are underneath your costume, but like I stated above, women appreciate honesty. Plus, you want a woman that will love you for who you are. If you never tell her the truth, you will not know for sure if she is the one for you. But, please make sure before you do reveal your true self that the woman is not employed by your arch nemesis.

Since you do not have much dating experience, nor really any experience with women, you may need to discover what you like in a woman before settling down with one. I would suggest that you go on several dates with different women so you can explore what you are most attracted to.

Also, please refrain from using x-ray vision on your first few dates despite how tempting it may be to use it and make sure you wear your underwear on the inside of your pants for the date!

Yours sincerely,


About the Author: Vic runs


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