Guest Post: UMMMMMM…

By Pre7amer

So The Greatrnk asked me to guest post on his blog…….


When I resurrected, I asked how long I had before I am forced to yet again try my hand at blogging (and embarrassingly so) and he gave me an indefinite date so I guess he was just tryna say, ‘anytime, no pressure’. I on the other hand do not see it that way. I don’t even visit my blog anymore. What I’m suffering from cannot even fall under the category of writer’s block. I’m the mutated version of it, such that the term ‘writer’ cannot even be remotely associated with me.

So everyday, I walk around in my zombie state tryna come up wit something witty to write. I mean, many people are gonna see this post (thanks to Greatrnk mad publicity skills) and all I want for them to think is of how cool I am. I want to seem so awesome, whenever they read my blog; they float in heavenly bliss complete with angels belting out choruses or is it hymns or jingles or….ok. You get my point.


PAUSE! Well that’s not gonna happen cuz I must be one of the worst bloggers alive. I do all the don’ts of blogging like ‘not blogging for months on end’. And plus I really am going through a torrid phase of writers block. Pray for me

Oh well, C’est la vie. Having not gathered material, I will just go with the flow because the longer I postpone this, the more pressure I’ll exert on myself and all for nothing. Be advised though, my flow of thought is very random. It’s not even a flow (forgive my cheesiness). Of late I have been blog whoring as I saw someone once tweet (i.e. the Greatrnk), and that will be my last pair of brackets in this post. So back to the story, I really do admire people who are so brave as to bare it all on the www about their lives and what’s going on. I can’t even put a real picture of myself. And for that, I salute ye brothers and sisters of the blogosphere. Ye have shown great courage. I also do admire your commitment. Where did you learn that? I need to enroll for that course!!! It looks like everyone’s got it going on.

As in all I see are beautiful YOUNG people, chasing the paper, living the fast life, enjoying life, taking fabulous photos, getting happily married, giving birth, travelling, basically being all happy and cheery. And I can promise you this, IT IS FUCKIN DEPRESSING!!! Why is everyone else enjoying life? Did I take the wrong turn? Am I the only one who feels that any moment, I will just keel over and die, of boredom and drabness? Why aren’t you blogging about it? Or I’m the one who’s looking at the wrong blogs? Is this life I’m living? OMG! maybe I’m already dead and I don’t know it.

ok sweet babay, i won’t hate on ya


Syke!!! That was kinda an abrupt end eh? I know!!! I feel better already

One more thing, just a short justification, I ran out of flow. You can however check out my blog once in a while, I’m sure one day, I‘ll get it right, you know, blog all the time ;). Sorry Greatrnk, I’ll do a better post soon.

completely random pic


Other posts by the  author can be found at Pre 7am’er’s Blog where she pretends to blog.


2 thoughts on “Guest Post: UMMMMMM…

  1. This background is confusing and distracting!

    That being said, I like this rumble by Pre 7am.

    If you read blogs and twitter/FB updates, honey, you can get depressed. People are not always as happy as they seem!

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