The one permanent emotion of the inferior man is fear – fear of the unknown, the complex, the inexplicable.  What he wants above everything else is safety – Henry Louis Mencken

At one point in our lives we will encounter something that will make us afraid. I mean, who are we not to be afraid if our very own Superman is afraid of Kryptonite, something that cannot even harm us? (I bet the Martians always laugh at us that our Super hero can be killed by a green stone and you do not even have to throw it at him!) Who are we not to be afraid when the Saviour, our Lord Jesus Christ, was afraid of the cup of suffering that was ahead of him that He pleaded with God to remove it? Of course we know God was like, (said in American accent) “nope son, nat happening! Lets see if yo a men! Good luck, call me when yo on tha cross!”

Death is one of the three most feared things on Earth. I do not known why people fear death as it is a certain event. Maybe that is why people fear it, anyway. (I just discovered that as I wrote this, how Einstein can that be? Einstein must be one lucky chap I did not live in his time. All bullcraps about relativity and the Emancipation = Mariah Carey Squared (E=MC^2) formula would have me as the discoverer as I will have waited for him to discover them, kill him before he publishes them and then I finally publish them. How genius is that?) The sun rising in the East is a certain event and we do not fear it. The expectation of the sun not rising one morning is the same as someone living for ever (theory by Prof. greatrnk) I think people have a fear for uncertainties and so not knowing the next stage after death makes people afraid of the event. People, especially those who watch these crap things from South America where there is always a girl called Maria and a guy called Alehandro and the two will end up getting married , also fear scorpions, lizards, snakes and other harmless insects and reptiles. The greatest fear of all is……..public speaking! I was also shocked when I found out.

I once had acrophobia (fear of lifts) until I sat myself down and gave myself a man-to-man talk about this phobia issht. There are some things that ought to be punishable by law if an African is found guilty of possessing. Phobias, this Audrey bullcrap of transgender thingy and this serial killing thingy of Onyancha top the list. And I propose a punishment of 10 years of marriage to Conjestina or Semenya or both regardless of whether you are female or male, to be a lesson to people of similar behaviour.

One of the things I am afraid of is for one day my boss to, out of curiosity, google my name, upon which he will get my facebook page or my twitter page or worse, this blog or even worse all three. I will get that call telling me to report to his office immediately where the outcome is one of two things: Me getting fired or a pay rise. And on that note, someone please remind me to quit linkedin, my boss joined the other day!

The other bad thing that can happen is for me to wake up one day and realise I am in standard six! All this growing up and issht things I have been doing has all been a great dream. That will probably mean that my relationship with God has not suffered the ups, downs and more downs plus I will still be bright since campus will not have killed my brightest brain cells. But it will mean I am eleven, the age at which I had a crush on this stupid chick in primary who made me fail my end of year exams. (Go check the records at Rhino Academy on the only time I did not score atleast half a thousand marks)

So I wake up and I am eleven, and it happens to be the day I was suspended for ALLEGEDLY putting a cricket (the insect not the sport, dummy) in a girl’s maternity dress that also acted as the uniform in primary schools those days. (The teacher actually heard dress instead of desk, but I was innocent, I could not, and still cannot, touch an insect and I must have been busy studying or thinking about the girl). Anyway, later on I head to the CBD and the horror continues! I see my boys and the cute girls (who were in my dream) but they are all grown up and do not even recognise/know me. That, my friends, is the time you pull a huri moment. A huri moment is where you look for a tree, sit under it and let your lacrimal glands do their thing as you watch your lovely dreams turn into nightmares without ghosts. Named after the guy who first did that after he completed his KCSE Physics practical and he realised his dream of being a doctor was now a nightmare.

All said and done, there has to be fear, so that we can know courage. Death, so that we can know life,  hate, so that we can know love <—– I have no idea how this last statement got here!???


Quote: I overheard my girlfriend on the phone to her pal saying she wants to get engaged on Valentine’s Day. I hope she finds someone nice.


It is irrational to fear an event if when that event occurs we are not in existence
and since when death is, we are not
and when we are, death is not
Then it is irrational to fear death
One might just as well as the philosopher argue fear of birth
So live your life in your own terms,create your own rules in life
indifferent to fear either your own or those of others.
Then you will be free and happy;
but remember when you stop fearing, you stop living.

Apology: To Huri


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