The World Cup… I saw it.

South Africa has come alive, we will never be the same after this World Cup – Jacob Zuma

It has finally come to an end! The drama, the surprises, the new found heroes, villains and players to hate for life. I am talking about the 2010 FIFA World Cup. In just a few hours, we will find out who between Spain and Germany plays Netherlands in the all European finals. On this World Cup, I will chose to share these comments that some may not agree with them, but hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion:

1. England were never going to win the World Cup because they were not hosting it and people nowadays hate them almost as much as they hated the Germans in 1966. The hate is due to their journalists comparing any Tom, Dick and Harry English player to the World’s great.

2.The only way Argentina would have won the World Cup is if they would have avoided efficient teams like Germany or Netherlands. Maradona was a great player, he is not a good coach. Thank God we were saved the trouble of seeing him naked all the same.

3. So Wayne Rooney did not score a goal……Well, so did Messi and Kaka. Torres is also yet to score while both Ronaldo and Drogba scored just one each.

4. Luis Suarez is the second most hated person in Africa….after the Germans. He also managed to make Uruguay be the second most hated Country in Africa (up 123 places from position 125) after… guessed it right, Germany. Serves the Germans right for plotting on taking over the World since 1914!

5. Man of the Tournament Award will probably be awarded to either Robben, Sneijda, Villa, Ozil or Klose…..depending on whose country will lift the trophy on Sunday.

6. Dunga is an @$$ #0\e for not including Ronaldinho in Brazil’s World Cup squad. That is all I can say about the team I was supporting at the World Cup.

7. France were never going to do anything in this World Cup with a majority of their players being Arsenal or ex-Arsenal players. It still serves them right for the injustice done to Northern Ireland when former Arsenal idol and captain Henry had to play Volleyball for them to qualify.

8. Dear Gyan,

When you are given the mandate of hitting something called a jabulani slightly over 12 yards, and on crossing the 12 yard mark, you send, not only your country but the whole of Africa into the semis, and yourself into the record books; you DO NOT try to send the keeper the wrong way. You DO NOT try to score a penalty that Zidane would be proud of by aiming at the roof. Heck, you DO NOT even take the penalty in a hurry like you did (there will be no card awarded for time wasting!) You stay calm, look around, take all the time you need and when satisfied, you DO WHATEVER IT TAKES, HOWEVER IT TAKES to get Africa to the Semis. If in any way you feel you cannot handle the pressure, you ask someone else to take Africa to the Semis!



PS: Please ask Menseh WTH he was trying by hitting a penalty while standing a foot behind the ball for me, thanks.

9. Thanks to the way the African teams somehow, managed to snatch defeat from the tight jaws of victory, the next time an African team will bid to host the World Cup, the competing bids from the other countries will add this line to their bid documents: ‘We want atleast two African countries to make it to the Second round, that does not happen when an African country hosts the World Cup’

10.One of the following will be crowned Champions of the World on Sunday. The probability of each team winning is in brackets while the order I have listed them is also my preferred winners in that order. Netherlands(50%), Spain(25%) and Germany(25%). May the best team apart from Germany win!


Quote: If you die in an elevator, be sure to push the Up button.

Definition: Statistics (n): The Science of producing unreliable facts from reliable figures – Evan Esar.


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  3. I admire your posts plus I enjoy reading them; pal, u got talent! Jst leave Actuarial for journalism!

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