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He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying – Freidrich Nietzsche

I started blogging two months ago, just two months ago! And in a bid to be better at it, I have dedicated considerable time in reading other blogs. I have had to copy/ borrow a leaf or two overtime to improve my posts and that I will continue to do in an effort to get better. In my course of blog-whoring (The act of reading simultaneous blogs at the same time with different windows or tabs open on your Internet browser), I have come across interesting reads by very talented writers. As a way of commemorating my two months anniversary since I started blogging, I will celebrate these great posts/writers that so far are my top ten. The order is alphabetical.

1. 100% Pure Unadulterated Kenyan was done by Chepkwony in Raymondchepkwony’s Blog: A hilarious post on what makes Kenyans All Kenyan, All the Time. (Said in a Jeff Koinange accent)

2. Actuarial Science in Kenya by Muthoni in The Teacher is a post on the challenges facing Actuarial Science students in Kenya in their bid to become Actuaries. (And for the dufus who say Acturialists or Actuarial Scientists…those two words are yet to be invented!)

3. Child of Many Worlds : When I first read this post, I was so impressed by Sheblossoms that I immediately added her in my list of mentors. She is so good with words that it is almost criminal not to fall in love with her writings. If I was ranking these posts, hers would make it to the top three. I highly recommend that you read it if you have a thing on writing. She is a writer at The Princess Project (Kenya)

4. Coke Bloking is from my good friend Chiira who also writes for The Princess Project (Kenya). This is among the first blog posts I read from The Trot and The Run and arguably among the best from him according to me. Very hilarious I must say.

5. Is it Because I is Black? Whats in a Colour : I only had three words and three punctuation marks when I first read this post by Papa Shango in Papa Shangos Blog. This is what I felt ‘Confused, Confused, Confused ???

6. The Chips Funga Phenomenon by Savvy Kenya is another hilarious must read in The Diary of A Kenyan Campus Girl. I recommend you read this post just after/before reading Coke Bloking and relate the two. Also make sure you get to read the comments, especially by one DS.

7. Things to Do in my Last Year of College was the first work by Savvy Kenya that I read. The last Year of College for the Kenyan Campus Girl, however,  is almost up. A good writer, Savvy is.

8. Was the Media Justified in Questioning the Gospel Industry? by Dave Munyao was written after the Groove Awards. You can find his inspirational writings on The Voice.

9. Will you Marry Me? I really could not choose which one of anyiko‘s post to feature here. They are all good. I chose the first thing I ever read from her. Her style is poetic, very interesting with a lot of rhyming. You had better read impressive posts by her in Black Rose

10. Your Child is not My Laptop is one post I have read countless times and it still makes me laugh. Written by the person I have named most in this post (and indeed blog). No marks for guessing who that is.



1. They say alcohol and smoking kills slowly! So what? Who says I am in a hurry? – Bevealry

2. I want to get the words “Courage” and “Bravery” tattooed across my back, so people could associate me with those things as they read them while they chase me.

3. Solution to two of the world’s problems: Feed the homeless to the hungry!


5 thoughts on “Top Ten

  1. Hey..I think I’ve read this blog before but here I am after realizing you are giving me compe in the contest!!

    That being said, thanks for the recommendation, and I still gots a few more months before I leave campus…am so going to miss it.

    • You are welcome, and all the best in the contest.

      Enjoy campus while you still can… times are always in campus.

      Thanks for dropping by.

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  3. What can i say? I ,marvel at your inspirations, its sort of what we all do, get inspirations from other avenues. I for one get inspiration from my friends and their lives huddles 🙂 I think i shall start to learn to get inspired from fellow bloggers. I think its so mature as you learn even to play with different styles. To dock off, also read this piece from my friend/ blogger Wanjeri, its the best thing i have ever read, so simple yet so pure and sweet and honest, ok i stop to tease 🙂

    • I think sometimes inspiration can come out of nowhere. There was this time I was so low, and did not post a blog for sometime. Someone (whom I did not know reads my blog) DM-ed me asking why I had not posted for a long time. I was inspired to write, right there and then.

      I will look at the post by Wanjeri.

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